Technical Courses

Hello Vitality's

For those who have chosen Vitality's as partner in their salon.

Corporate philosophy, basic product characteristics and services for stylists

City Company & Education

How and where are vitality’s products created? Not only product education, but also a fantastic tour, In the first capital of Italy, Turin!

To be decided by the distributor. Visit to the company, production site and R&D departments. Turin city tour.

Perm Loves Color

Guidelines for good color maintenance. On permed hair.

What kind of color to use on permed hair, how to increase color longevity, considering its variants (highlights, tone over tone, permanent color, etc.) What to take into account when applying color to permed hair How to preserve shine in color?


Entering Vitality’s world of color

Knowing color categories to have the best result on every type of hair. Starting with notions of Colorimetry, we will analyze the techniques and mixes to obtain color corrections with Vitality’s method and language.

Blond Trend

Just like any other thing, Blond is in constant evolution.

Blond Moodboard Trend presentation. How to embrace the blonde trend and all its variants. 3 Techniques 1. Money Piece Hair 2. Nano Highlights 3. Hairline Highlights.

Blond Life

How to maintain a beautiful blond.

How to maintain a beautiful blond. Toning techniques and differences among product types ideal for blond hair

Intensive Acqua

Full immersion in skin and hair problems

Philosophy and active ingredients Possible interactions among the treatment families and the Intensive Aqua rituals Diagnostic tools and haircare consultancy proposals at the salon and at home.

Epurà Identity

Introducing the care line

Presentation of the line's philosophy and treatments. Technology and active ingredients of the products. Tools to support diagnosis

Epurà Evolution

Full immersion: diagnosis, treatments and salon services

Diagnosis at the core. By performing a good and proper analysis, stylists can boost their business in the salon to improve and increase the number of services. Among the contents are visual analysis and detection of anomalies, presentation and use of the microcamera, group work on analysis

Epurà the Rituals

Getting to know and learning the practical steps of the rituals

Presentazione dei 5 rituali. Lavoro di coppia per apprendere le manualità dei rituali. Prove di presentazione dei rituali alla cliente. Tra i contenuti, l’analisi visiva delle anomalie e loro riconoscimento, presentazione ed utilizzo della microcamera, lavoro di gruppo di analisi.

Stylistic Courses

Let' Get Perm

Perm has never been so cool, In line with the renewed desire for curls. How to propose it and to whom. What about texture?

Verranno fornite informazioni sul prodotto tecnico, sul suo utilizzo e tecniche di taglio per aiutare a creare l’effetto riccio naturale su capelli permanentati. A seguire, avvolgimento permanente e lavoro creato su poupette dallo stilista. Infine, presentazione styling e lavoro pratico di taglio e permanente dei partecipanti

Back to the Future

For those who have chosen Vitality's as a partner for their salon.

Informazioni sul prodotto di styling, prodotti da utilizzare per personalizzare le diverse tipologie di riccio e come creare pieghe cool con i capelli ricci.

Tied Up

let's collect

Presentation of 3 trendy updo techniques and implementation of the techniques acquired

Technical-Stylistic Courses

Trend First

V-Look ICONs

Looking at the how and why behind trends. Moodboard presentation. Presentation of the 3 Vitality’s icons on doll heads, step-by-step explanation of cutting and color techniques, hands-on session with doll heads.

Trend First Color


Presentation of the 3 Vitality’s icons on doll heads, Step-by-step session on color techniques, hands-on session with doll heads

Out of the Box

Fashion & Relax

Away from distractions, Close to oneself, the sea and immersed in inspiration.

Presentazione step by step di 4 look e relativa tendenza, realizzazione delle tecniche apprese.

Art Color System

Per chi cerca un metodo di colorazione, in cui l’arte e la creatività si fondono con le conoscenze tecniche e scientifiche del colorista.

Presentazione del sistema ACS: diagnosi partecipativa e tecnica, colorimetria, geometria (colorazione corretta di angoli, diagonali, contrapposizioni e proiezioni). I marchi del mondo colore Vitality’s: tecniche di sfumatura colore e multi-color